Saturday, June 14, 2008

Queen of the Remote

I had a night all to myself! My hubby went to a Busch race, and I am all alone. Oh, I could of hung out with my friends, but I decided to take advantage of this time with a facial, color my hair, do my nails, eye brows..all those girlie things I sometimes have to rush through. I like it when I can turn the radio on and do some serious my own pace.
But, the best part was when I put the rented chick flick in the DVD player, sat back in the recliner, and took a hold of the remote.... Hello Remote!
The remote and I don't see each other very often, it's mostly in the hands of my husband. The King of the remote, and sports channel surfer.
Why is it that some Men feel that Women can't handle the remote? Like it's this complicated piece of machine that Women know nothing about.
My secret is that I LET him believe that he is "King of the Remote".
But today, and for a few more hours, I am "Queen of the Remote".
Surf on!