Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tis Good to Giggle

My Blog Friend Nancy made a comment about her and her hubby giggling in her last post, and it reminded me of a giggling fit my hubby and I had not too long ago....
I must admit that our timing was bad...we were in bed..ahem, you of those romantic moments. Well, with a word that was suppose to be romantic from my hubby just kind of sounded funny to me, and I started giggling....I thought he was going to get mad, or hurt because he was seriously trying to set the mood....
Well, he started giggling...I was giggling....We started laughing so hard we were both too worn out to do anything else... the romantic moment was lost, but we still had a good laugh together.
To me, the silly moments are just as important as the romantic moments. Both are good and healthy!
So have yourself a good giggle, and then come and share it with me...I love to hear good giggle stories!