Monday, August 4, 2008

Years, Days, Minutes Tag

I was Tagged by Nancy...

20 years ago I was:

Hummm, wow that was a long time ago...Ok, I was a single Mom, trying to raise my young Son. I know that I didn't make all the right decisions for us at the time, but my heart was in the right place. A time for growing for the both of us.

10 years ago I was:

Married to a wonderful Man, that was a Great "Father Figure" to my son. Working at a Factory...(that's where I met my hubby)
Doing a lot of crafts...soap & candle making
I have pretty good health....other than migraines (which I've had most of my life) I have IBS.

5 years ago I was:

Turning 40.....Wow! I guess I didn't mind turning 40...I didn't feel like 40...I just didn't want to look 40.
By now, we are "empty nester's", and decided to down- size to an Apartment.
The hubby and I still work in the same ol'e place.

So far this year I:

Feel pretty darn good about life...even at age 45! ha
I have found that the older I get, the harder I have to workout to stay in shape...UGH!
My Son took the Apartment above's nice to have him that close, but we try and give him the space he needs.
We've had several different problems with our Van.
I work at the same place....they are having a few problems, and are down-sizing...I have decided not to worry about my job. Don't need the stress in my life!

Yesterday I:

Took it easy....Sunday's are my "Lazy" day.....We did go to the park and played Frisbee Golf.
Had the hubby rub Aloe on my sunburn that I got Saturday.

Tomorrow I will:

Work on my Altered Book, and or on my blog...then I will go to work in the afternoon.
My hubby and I work at the same place, but we work different shifts. Thats how we keep from killing each other.

Next year I will:

Hopefully be living a good life....I always pray for good things to come our has been a struggle financially, but we've always gotten by...Some times you can get tired of the struggle! I'm a happy girl though!

I Tag....
Yipee~It's Leah


Nancy said...

Hi Linda, glad you took the tag. I enjoyed reading it. It's hard to summarize things, though, isn't it? I could have written a book about each segment! I have IBS, too, another thing we share besides the migraines. Darn it. I'm wishing we didn't have these maladies but I'm sure it is for a good reason. The suffering I mean. God will tell us someday...