Sunday, September 14, 2008

Auntie Em

We are getting Strong winds From Hurricane Ike...A few tree limbs in our yard, has my hubby pacing the grounds. He can't help it...he's like the "Protector" of all that is around him! Which I guess is a good thing.
With all this wind, it has blown down a few leafs...I found this little beauty in the front yard, and just had to take a picture.

I am praying for all who are in the path of Hurricane Ike!

On the Weather Channel:

The remnants of Hurricane Ike w
ill combine with a quick moving
cold front to bring windy conditions to the region today.

A High Wind Warning means a hazardous high wind event is expected
or occurring. Sustained wind speeds of at least 40 mph or gusts
of 58 mph or more can lead to property damage.
((Big Hug's))


Nancy said...

oooohhhhhh, kinda scary, huh? i have been praying for the people in Ike's wake to be safe...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Yes, Ike came through my area first and then headed to Ohio! I know my daughter said there were many outages there, but they were lucky as their power stayed on. It was a very scary situation. We had a lot of tree limbs down, but not too bad, sompared to the people who were so devastated by this hurricane. I feel so sorry for them.

Have a good day.