Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Month, New Adventure

Sept. 2 Today I had my first Jazzercise Class....Wow, what a workout! I can tell that I'm a little out of shape, but I hope that will soon change with these classes! I Loved it!

Now, another Adventure...When I go to work this afternoon, I will be training for a new position at my job...Talk about stressful! I'll be doing my regular job, plus this new one..
I have tried not to think about it over the weekend...I tend to worry too much at times, and make myself sick.....So, I prayed, meditated, and just kept myself busy.
So, in a couple of hours I'll be off to work....ugh!

Breath....deep, slow breaths


Nancy said...

You can do it, Linda! Have faith in yourself! And congrats on the Jazzercise. I know of it but it hasn't shown up in our area. Have a good week!!