Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you addicted to the Internet?

I was surfing the net for this test because...well, I guess you could say that ...I have an addiction! Yes, I have a problem! I can't help it..I love my Blog, and all my Blog Friends...There..I said it out loud!

Here is a fun test to see if you too are addicted!
My test score was 66
Internet addiction test



Nancy said...

My name is Nancy and I'm NOT addicted to the Internet!! LOL! Linda my score was ... 19 ...

Dawn said...

I already know the answer, but I'm going to take the test!!

Lisa said...

I scored a 44 so I guess i'm average. Thanks for sharing this neat test. Have a great weekend.

Yipee~It's Leah said...

61! Can it really be that I'm addicted? I'm scheduling a meeting for Internet Anonymous.