Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello Blog Buddies

I miss you all so much!
I am still struggling with my computer...It's getting better (some what) It hasn't froze up on me yet today...(keeping fingers crossed that I can finish this post before it
I really need to have someone look at it for me, but with being off work for 2 weeks, we are playing "catch-up" with Bills. I'm afraid my puter is last on the list.

I want to thank Nancy, and Lisa for your personal emails...I can check emails, but I can't send any. Grrr
But I do appreciate them.

Hugs to all!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hope things work out soon, Linda, and your pc gets fixed. Meanwhile, take care!



Nancy said...

Hi Linda, Good to hear your voice again (LOL). Hang in there, girl, we'll be waiting for you and your 'puter!

Blog Bud,

PEA said...

I think I'd be going into a real panic just about now if my computer wasn't working well! lol I can understand, though, that bills come first...just hope you can get it running smoothly again soon! xoxo

Lisa said...

I miss you. We finally got our first snow here in SC. I hope you can get your computer fixed soon. I'll e-mail you now that I know you can get my mail.

Lisa said...
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