Friday, May 29, 2009

Just for "Me" Day.... Let's Paint our Toe Nails

I don't care how ugly your feet are...put a little paint
on them, and you have instant Sexy!
So, come on Ladies...Let's paint those toe nails, and take
a picture.


Kelly's Ideas said...

You are right - I love showing off my toes when they are painted... I'm going to get them done this weekend.


Beth in NC said...

LOL ... too cute. I keep my toenails and fingernails painted. My Mom started me out that way and it has been like this since I was a teen. :o)

Sugar said...

i sooo agree! have always believed in keeping my feet in good shape. my fingernails wear clear polish, but my toes have pastel coloring during summer & more vivid pain in winter! lol