Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Neighbor is a Cat Napper

This is Boo...My patio Cat. He has been hanging around for about a year now. Survived the winter under the front porch.
Once the weather warmed up he has become a constant fixture on the back patio.
He even chases off other cats that come around.
I try to keep him feed so he won't chase the Birds, and Squirrels that we like to feed.
(Notice the Squirrel coming up the steps for his peanut.)
Boo came up missing this past weekend...
Monday, our neighbor came up to me and said: hey Linda, I caught that black cat with his "live trap" and took him to another town...He also said that since he knew that I was attached to the cat, instead of just dropping him off, he gave the cat to some friends of his.
I just had to walk away from him......I know that he does not like the stray cats in our neighborhood (he says they pee in his flower beds) and he has caught many, but he KNEW that this cat was one that we were feeding.
I am just so dumb founded...
This is so weird, because I just read a cat story by Sinclair in "NatureWithMe" about her missing cat. (an interesting story you all should read)
So, what do I do? He was just a stray.....we were even thinking about getting him Fixed!
I do know that if we had got him fixed, that Man would be bringing him back!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

I am so upset just reading this post! What a mean neighbor. And poor Boo. He considered himself yours, and now he is with strangers, and who knows how they're treating him. I would tell the neighbor as politely as possible that his action really hurt you, that you loved Boo, and that you'd like him back. But that's me.

I am glad I have no close neighbors, especially the kind that would do something like this.
Take care!



Beth in NC said...

That is mean. If the guy knew you liked the cat and that you were feeding it -- how horrible that he didn't ask you first. I'm so sorry.

Maybe you can find out where he took the cat and bring him back.

I'm sorry. :o(

Nancy said...

What's up with these people who steal cats? I'm too upset to even write an understandable comment. People are just weird.

Linda said...

Awww...Thank you Ladies...

My hubby thinks that Boo might be better off with people that will keep him in their home, which we could not. Our inside Cat (Muffy) and Boo did not get alone. (and hubby does not want more than 1 pet in the house)
I worried that the winter would be too much for him, and I felt bad because he could not come inside. But he was at the door every morning waiting to be fed.

Maybe he is better off with someone that can take him inside, but it was just wrong what my neighbor did!

pollicino said...

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John said...

35 days is along time for Boo to be gone.I bet you thought youd never see the cat again.I did go over and read the story about the other cat.Wow.Keep us posted

Sinclair said...

oooooh, that just makes me mad all over again!! Who do people think they are, interfering with others??? I am sorry that happened to you, and I hope that neighbor keeps his distance in the future. It is so hard to practice charity and forgiveness toward such people when they practice such blatant (theft and) disregard for others.