Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here I am

It's me....I'm back! I bet you were wondering where the heck I've been? and there.
Playing Yoville on's very addicting!

I have also been busy with my Son....He gave us quite the scare last Sunday.
He was racing his Quad, lost control in a turn...they had to Care-Flight him.
He broke his neck (2nd Vertibre) his Shoulder, 3 ribs, collapsed left lung, small hemorrhage on his brain.
Spent a day and 1/2 in ICU..2 days in a trauma room. He is now Home, and doing good! He will have a long slow road to recovery, but he is a lucky guy!
God was watching over him that day! (Thank you God!)

Hubby said he saw me age 5 years over the past few days!
I think I could actually feel gray hairs popping up all over my head. lol

So, now we are all just kicking back this weekend...trying to catch up on sleep, and settle my nerves!

Hello to all my Blog are all welcome to come over and kick my butt for being so lazy with my blogging.

Take Care,
Hugs to all....


donna baker said...

Glad things turned out better than they could have. The brain bleed is frightening. My daughter had one from a wreck and though she is doing well now, she was never the same. She was 19 when she had the wreck and is 37 now. Hope you are doing well after such a fright.

natalie said...

God Bless you Linda! I am so relieved that he is okay!
Please keep us up to date!
God is full of wonderful things
p.s. please come back and comment on my blog!Thanks!:) love,nat