Sunday, January 3, 2010

Up date on my Son

My Son is an adrenalin Junkie....
He wore the neck Brace for about 10 weeks....He was out Bow Hunting week 8.
His ribs and Lung is really doing Great....His neck is still a little tender. Or maybe he's just a little more cautious with it. (I would think so)

He, and 5 of his Buddies just got back from Michigan...Snowmobiling trip. I begged him to wear a brace under his helmet....not going to happen Mom!

All in all...He was one lucky guy! and, I have to Thank GOD!
I also want to Thank all my Friends and Family that sent up Prayers on his behalf.

It's a TERRIBLE feeling when you can't fix our Children when their hurting!

HUGS to all


Kelly's Ideas said...

I know what you mean - but praise God that he is doing good.

Love to you.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Linda, I didn't know about your son. Thank God he is doing well, for sure.

Hope many blessings come your way in 2010!



RobertsonAt604 said...

Praise God is right. I was kinda in a similar situation where i was in a coma for like 6 some odd days and broke most of my body and ended up having a lot of time to think about what it was i wanted from my life. It occurred to me that the path I was on was obviously leading towards destruction, however, God still had faith in me that I could overcome and get back on track. It's been a crazy road the last few months since the accident but Im starting to replace all of the negative things in my life with goodness.

Always remain faithful in Gods perfection even when faced with difficult hurdles. The verse that comes to mind now (as it often does) is Isaiah 58:9 which says "call out to the Lord and He will answer; cry out to him and He will say here I am"

unfortunately people like your son life for putting themselves in dangerous situations It's your job to pray and ensure that Gods hand is with him keeping him safe from harm.


Linda said...

Thank you all so much!


Anonymous said...
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