Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Crazy for Spring

I am really getting antsy for spring....Cabin fever is setting in, and I just want to get out of the house.
I want to open the doors, and window's to let the fresh air in. The air from the furnace is too dry, and I just feel like I can't breath. We keep the temp. on the furnace turned down to 63. it helps, but we do have to dress a little warmer in our home.

Spring, to me is like a fresh new beginning....Everything is waking up...coming alive! Birds, flowers, bugs.
I like to sit out on the patio on a early spring morning, and just listen to the sounds around me...Breath in the spring smells..Meditate.
Oh, I can't wait for spring!


Kelly L said...

I hope Spring hits your side of the world soon... I love Spring too!Q

love to you

Beth in NC said...

We actually had Spring-like weather this weekend and it was SO nice. I opened some of the windows to let some fresh air in the house.

It will be hear soon.

Renie Burghardt said...

We had several sunny, spring-like days last week, but had a rude awakening this morning. Cold and dreary Monday, but at least no snow around. My daffies are up, and the birds are actually singing, so that must mean spring is not far behind. I hope.

Happy Spring, Linda!