Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grumpy Me

We all have bad days...But, why do we almost always take it out on the one's we love?
I was a GRUMP Sat. Mostly because I had to work..(working Sat. on 2nd shift just sucks!)
When I got home I had to work really hard not to take all my grumpiness out on my hubby....He was so happy to see me, and I was a bear. I even warned him, and apologized for being a grump.

Sometimes the hubby is so over whelming.... as soon as I got in the door (8:00 pm) it's... Hi...are you hungry? Do you want something to eat, What do you want to do? Wanna go out to eat? Want to rent a movie?
I love him, but sometimes I just need a minute..or two!

It seems that when we have bad days, it's easy to take it out on our Loved ones, when we really don't mean to.
I'm so glad hubby is so understandable.


Nancy said...

When hubby is gone and I'm "grumpy" - when he calls to say hi or whatever, I tell him, "The Crabby Bitch" is here... He will usually get me to laugh and he says he's glad I warn him, LOL!!

natalie said...

Dear Linda,
you tow are very lucky because you both care so much for each other!
I am very impressed!
hey everyone has tired times!