Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting up with my past

Recently I've been catching up with old friends from my past (School friends) via facebook. Facebook is a great site for finding, and hanging out with new and old friends. We chat, leave messages, look at each others family photo's..etc...

I met up with a few classmates one Saturday morning at a cafe, and I was so nervous about seeing them. You know how those School reunion thing goes...and, what do you do for a living? Ugh!
I've never cared much what others thought of me...I'm happy, healthy, and I think I have a good life!
Meeting up with this group of friends had me spending a little extra time making sure I looked good...everything had to be just right...Bluh, bluh, bluh... The whole time I kept thinking..why are you going the extra mile on my over-all appearance?
BECAUSE...I guess I do care what these people think!
that right there makes me mad at myself!

I think we all want others to say...she has aged well! She looks good for her age!
Yes, I am aging, but darn-it, I do want to look good for my age!

And what do you do for a living Linda? (here goes..) Well, I do not have a "Glamorous" job by far...actually, it's a dirty job, it's hot, and I sweat like a man...I do a "Man's" job, and I get dirty! I am the only female Line Operator...My job is both Physically and mentally challenging.. and my shift ends at midnight!

Actually, I'm really THANKFUL that I have a job...a Man that Loves me..My Son is happy and well, and I have a roof over my head!

I found another childhood friend on facebook...we use to be neighbors, and played together all the time. She wants to meet up soon...she said she will come by my I go again thinking my home is just not perfect enough for old friends to see...There is nothing wrong with living in a duplex! There is nothing wrong with NOT owning a home...we gave that up, and decided to be renters. So why am I so nervous about her coming here?
I'm so lame!
I can't wait to meet up with my old childhood friend, but I just want our first meeting to be someplace else...again...I'm so lame!