Monday, September 27, 2010

Changing blog name..need help!

So, I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog...and I'm stumped!
My life has not been much of an seems kind of boring lately.
Work sucks...I don't find any enjoyment in my work anymore...and feel I'm just living through the week until the weekends! (<--did that sound right?)

I haven't been writing much lately..just posting pictures.
I know I'm not much of a writer..wish I was...I'm also no poet...I do have a lot going on inside my head, but never seem to get it into words...many might not want to hear whats going on in

So...with the help from my blog buddies, maybe you can help me come up with a cool blog title.

Thinking out loud...Here is a few things to high light my life...

  • I am not a stay at home Mom
  • All children are grown and gone
  • I work in a dirty factory... 4 pm - midnight
  • Been married a couple of times
  • My husband has the sex drive of a 20 yr. old
  • I only see my hubby on the weekends, and I like it that
  • I have no Grand children! (yet)
  • I think I might be pre-menopausal
  • I make crafts to give as gifts not to sell..(I have been thinking about changing that though)
  • I like to stay healthy, but lately I've been eating like crap
  • I hate winter

Well..I could go on and on, but I'm going to stop for awhile...I'm depressing
So, if anyone has any suggestions on a new name, I would love to hear them.



donna baker said...

I like your blog name. It covers everything, including when life isn't going according to plan. Good and bad; that's life. Love the look and the background 'noise'. Blogging is hard work sometimes. I've finally quit trying to blog so frequently. It was more work than I wanted and I was beginning not to enjoy it. I find it very hard to put personal things in my blog but notice in other blogs that it isn't the same. Guess that is what makes blogging interesting. I think adventures can be big or small.

Linda said...

Thanks Donna...That's an interest way to see it..Makes me think more of what I already have.

Hugs, Linda

Nancy said...

Hmm. I will think about this, Linda. I agree with Donna, though. She's right. Even if right now your life is boring, etc., it isn't always! And I like to read your blog. Sometimes I use some "canned" lines, like "Thinking About..." OR "Reading this book...". Good luck!! ~Nancy~