Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chubby Girl

So....the other day at work a guy told me I was Chubby....CHUBBY!  Yes, this word hurt my feelings.
 After he picked himself up off the floor he said...

Dude:  You were a little thing when you hired in.
Me:  Dude, I was 24 when I hired in.
Dude: Yes well....You've gained some weight.
Me:  (getting really pissed) You will have that when you GO AWAY!  Creep!

Okay...he did hit a nerve...only because I KNOW that I'm not as "Fit" as I was when I was 24.
And It's been on the top of my list to get back into shape...I just didn't like him pointing this fact out!
I think we all know when things need to change, like our weight...etc... we just don't like it when people throw it in our face...and then, sometime we need it as a kick in the butt to get started.
(he's still a creep tho.)

This was going to be a December post...  "Getting Fit"..But now I'm changing the Title to...
"Chubby girl getting Fit"
My plan/goal for 2011 is to be more active, and start eating healthier!

My weight today 11/13/10
My goal's not long as I'm getting healthy and fit!
The more I work out the better I feel. 

My biggest challenge will be eating healthier!

Have a Great day..
Hugs to all,


Anonymous said...

Linda, my bloggy buddy, I TOLD you I would take care of that A$$h@le...just sayin'. Still willing.....bitch-slap him all the way into next year.....calling MY friend Chubby. WTF

Anonymous said...

Linda...I am offering you a free lesson in the art of kicking...I figure with a few basics and a little practice you should be about to kick well enough to make a base voice strill like a soprano :-)

Chubby..*geez*...that guy gives men a bad rap

Brenda Susan said...

That my friend, was a horribly rude and stupid thing to say to a woman! And it is often the ugliest men that say such uncalled for things!

Beth in NC said...

I cannot imagine 137 pound person being chubby.

I'm sorry that guy got to you. :o( People can be so stupid.


Kim said...

Wow, I hope that Dude isn't in sales. Good luck with your healthy eating. I just downloaded a calorie counting app--I'm crossing my fingers.

Barbara said...

Why do people think it's ok to make personal comments like that? What a git! (Ye olde Englishe expression :O))). I'd be very happy if I was 137lb... sigh, I've lost 28lb since May but still have a way to go. Good luck with the getting fit thing!

Linda said...

You guys are all AWESOME!

I know I'm not "over weight" just out of shape!
But some people can be freakin rude!

*Terri...your the best! and Thanks for making me LOL!

*Jeff...I'll take you up on the kicking lessons.
Grabbed your Butt(on) BTW!

*Brenda...Yeah, the guys nothing to look at..just a rude jerk!

*Beth..Thanks..Things like that usually don't get to me...He just hit a nerve I guess.

*Kim..I'd like to see the calorie you have a link?
Good Luck to you too!

Hugs to you all!

Beverly said...

Unless this guy is your husband (and even then, I'm not so sure), what is he doing commenting on your weight? And just out of curiosity, what does HE look like? I'll bet it's not George Clooney!

EmptyNester said...

That was just rude of him. Anyway, welcome to the ranks of 'we're gonna get fit'! I started in May 2009 and lost 83 pounds. Now, I don't worry about the weight, I just keep doing what keeps me healthy-the exercise and eating healthy- (most of the time on the eating healthy but sugar calls my name OUT LOUD in many forms on a daily basis!). I'm following you back now! Thanks for following me!

Linda said...

*Beverly...I'll try and take his picture with my phone. I can tell you that he is no George Clooney!

*EmptyNester...83 lbs.? Wow that is AWESOME!

Yes, Eating Healthy, and Exercise...the weight will come right off!
Good Luck to you!

Deanna said...

Way to go, how dare he!! Cant wait till he gets older, bald and fat..... 2011 will also be a brand new year for me.... I have started a new plan and so far so good..... Good luck and thanks for following me..

Linda said...

Deanna...This guy is old...and as skinny as a rail.
And, a CREEP!

Good luck on your goals for 2011!