Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy happy, Joy joy

Yep, I'm just a Happy girl's Friday, the Sun is shining, the Holidays are approaching....I have a Great Hubby, Family and Awesome Friends...what more can a gal ask for?

Sending a "Care Package" to Alec Sat..  Hubby is planning on baking his famous Chocolate Chip Cookies..Guess I need to find a Tin to put them in.  I've been trying to find something cool/different to add to the package..Since he's in Qatar he has a store close by, but I just want to send something that he didn't even know he needed.  (ya know?)

Have a Great Day..
Hugs to all...


Anonymous said...

So happy to see you so happy my friend! I still like Fridays, even though I'm unemployed. Something about them that just makes me smile.

Is your son in Qatar? That's a long ways!! I was stationed in Turkey way back many years ago, and I always looked forward to packages from home. I didn't care what was in them.....anything and everything made me happy....just something from home.

Have a great weekend, bloggy buddy!

Linda said...

Hey Terri...
Yep, Alec (stepson) is in Qatar for a 6 month tour.
He says he has everything that he needs, but we still want to send something..anything.
So, he's going to get something Darn-it!

Nancy said...

You'll think of something, Linda!!