Thursday, November 4, 2010

I splurged today!

Sedona Stripe Sedona mug as seen on two and half men show
by Tabletops Lifestyles At TTU

After watching Two and a Half Men for several years, I reached a point where I had to hunt down the cool coffee mugs that Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer use on the show.
They also have matching bowls, and dinner plates, but I will stay with the mugs for now.

We watch a lot of sitcom's, and while the hubby is checking out the "Babes",  I find myself checking out the "set decor" on a lot of these show's. lol

So, hopefully by next Thursday I will have my set of mugs..
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Take care...Hugs to all


Marnie said...

I'm so glad you found them. They are nice! I look at the decor too :0)

Anonymous said...

Love those mugs! I collect coffee mugs (geez we do have some things in common, huh) and not just any coffee mugs either. They have to fit just right in my hand while being esthetically pleasing (no Bitch of the Month cups please!). So now you've given me a future blog idea. Thanks, my friend! You rock.


Paula said...

I have always admired those mugs too. I too, would google til I found them if I really wanted them. Too funny!

Linda said...

Hey Ladies....Glad you like the mugs.
I'll take a picture of them when I get them...I can't wait!


tera said...

Cool! I have coveted those mugs, myself, from time to time. We always comment that they have our dining room chairs around their kitchen table!