Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Men are Slobs!

So...I just got home from work...it's 12:50am...and I'm beat!
 I HATE my job these days!  Don't get me wrong..I am truly Thankful that I have a job, but it's getting to the point to where I dread going in there!

To the guys I relieve at work...Dude, I'm not your Momma..I'm not your wife..I am NOT picking up after you!

I am the only female line operator.  I work with mostly men, and I've come to the conclusion that men are SLOBS!     I can almost tell what they had for lunch by looking on the floor.   I have to work there for 8 hrs. and I never leave a mess like they do...
So, I have to clean my area because I don't want to walk around in their crap all day!   It just drives me nuts!  (see?  I think they know I'll get tired of looking at the mess, and clean it anyways)

Okay...I'm done venting...I'm going to bed!


Anonymous said...

Yo Linda, don't hold back now girl, tell us how ya's feel!
Good stuff. And I concur!
Back when I did actually had a job, I managed a staff of young (mostly) men helpdesk phone technicians. They each had a cube, but there was a lot of turnover due to the stressful nature of the position. So when someone got fired or quit, who got to clean up the mess? Yep, yours truly! Oh they took their pictures, books and the like....but I found dozens of empty energy drink cans in their desks (not sure why because the trash can was directly below the drawer....hmmm), and half eaten candy and other disgusting gunk that probably could have gotten up and walked into the trash can by itself. Nasty nasty boys.
Whew, that felt good.
TTY later,

Linda said...

MEN...can't live without them..
can't kill them...lol

Thanks Terri!!