Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Thank-you would be Appreciated

Is it not common courtesy to give or send a "Thank you" when you get a gift these days?

Hubby and I have noticed...(well okay.. I noticed, and pointed out to hubby..)  that we've have been to a few weddings in the past year, had several births, Birthday's, Graduation's...etc... In our little circle of Family and Friends, and we always make sure that we give to these events, because we Love these people... and because, We are givers... Pleasers..Like to make people smile kind of people..But I would like some kind of reaction from something we give...Even if it's a lie..just humor me damn-it.

The last wedding reception we went to was for a Friend at work (Hubby and I work the same place).
  We gave the newlyweds a card with $ in it, and put it in their "Card basket" on the gift table.
There were a lot of people there...a lot of drinking, and dancing..just a lot of motion...who's to say that someone didn't swipe a card or two thinking there might be Money in it.  (just sayin!)
 So, a "Thank you" of any kind would let me know that they even got it.

I guess I'm just Old Fashion.. I like to watch people open the gifts they get.  Today's weddings couples don't even exchange rings...At my nephews wedding they already had their rings on..I was waiting, and waiting for that part of the ceremony, which never came.  Never saw them open gifts...never got a Thank You!
WTF People?

I guess I'll just have to be a little more stingy with my gift giving to these younger folks!
Or...(now that I think about it)..maybe they didn't like my gift, and I should take their no "Thank you for the gift" as a hint!   (hummm...ungrateful little Brats)  Umm, I mean..I'll work on that! 
I complain, but I'll still give gifts, because that's the way I roll!



Anonymous said...

Linda, how sweet you are! And you are so right....those ingrates should have thanked you. If memory serves, writing Thank You Notes for wedding gifts received was fun, as you had a chance to "appreciate" your friends and loved ones right back. So I don't get it.

Snotty young folk......where's my newspaper???

Terri :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHA...I was invited to a cousin's daughters wedding..mmmmm..let's see... that would have been back in May and every day I am searching for an acknowledgment of the gift that was given (did you notice I didn't say Thank You card)...oh well after I die I think I will get even and not send them a Thank You card for attending my funeral :-)

Linda said...

Me Sweet..Aww Shucks!
Thanks my friend...I don't get it either!

LMAO...I like your way of thinkin!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

My mom would tell you to send them a quick note telling them you just wanted to make sure they received your gift - concerned that it may have fallen off of the table during the celebrations....;-)

She was really good at subtle.....

Linda said...

Donna...Thanks a Great way to handle it...I was thinking about how to approach him at work.

Thanks for stopping by, and please give your Mother a Hug.. Because, they do know whats best sometimes huh?

Nancy said...

Linda, I recently complained about the same exact thing! I was at the home of a graduate, gave the gift and not even a verbal thank you was uttered! And I especially hate it when you send a gift across the country and you never know if they got it because, they are rude and unthoughtful. I want to write a book on modern manners, or the lack thereof!

Linda said...

I think a lot of kids these days need a book on Manners!
And some Adults also..since the last wedding we went to the couple are in their 30's.

Shawn Becker said...

@Jeff you are a hoot!
Linda, I agree with Donna, just drop them a note and see if they respond. I wonder if they will respond or just ignore your note? have a wonderful weekend. I am a new follower for the 40+ Follow.


Doreen McGettigan said...

This has been driving me absolutely crazy! I have not received thank you cards for anything this year!

I was thinking of including packs of thank you cards with my gifts from now on :)

I am a new visitor and follower via Java...

Linda said...

Doreen...It's so good to see that I'm not the only one feeling this way....Sending an "Thank You" with the gift is a GREAT idea.

Thanks for following...right back at ya!

Brenda Susan said...

I have kinda noticed the lack of Thank you notes also. I heard one newlywed telling another newlywed that they have a whole year to send out Thank yous! ? No wonder it gets forgotten.
Reminds me, I better see if my son & new DIL have sent theirs out from last month!!