Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's a Mad, mad World.

It's crazy out there I tell ya....With the Christmas shopping rush and this snow..People are just nuts!
Not only do you have to be careful driving in the snow...which doesn't bother me...it's all the freaking  nuts out there that you have to watch out for!  Geez people...just simmer down!

Now..on to the next topic....My Christmas projects!   "Note to self"  Get busy on your darn projects girl!  I have (I think) one more Blanket to make, and I have put it off for some reason. And gifts to wrap! (Procrastinator!)
Well, we did get the Tree up over the weekend...and I did send out a few Christmas cards...I just can't seem to get the rest done! (Lazy) < WTF?

Okay...I think I'm done beating myself up..
So the rest of the week I will finish the Blanket..I will wrap gifts (note to self..buy wrapping paper..no really, write this down Miss forgetful!)

So there you have it...it's late, I'm tired, and I'm talking to myself...
I'm going to bed...  If you see me on here, remind me to GET BUSY!

Hugs to all...and to all a Good Night!


Anonymous said...

If you want to see madmadmad just wait till I start my shopping in exactly 10 days

Linda said...

Okay Jeff...I'll make sure I stay out of your way!
Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my philosophy falls along the same lines as Jeff's. I still got 10 more days! No hurry. No worries. Right?


Nancy said...

My shopping is done but the wrapping is not... Hubby has to help with that due to the out-of-commission-hand. Hee hee! Really, he will see what I contend with every year! Get busy, Linda! (I say that with a smile!)

Linda said...

I have a few more things to buy..But have to wait until payday!