Sunday, December 12, 2010

Questions for you..Silly, weird and whatever!

Good Sunday Mornin my Friends...
  I have a couple of questions for anyone reading...
First of all...Some how I have lost my little spell checker thingie that was up^there on my tool bar.. and beleive me, it is a much needed little device I use quite a lot anymore...well, not anymore because it's gone!
Question #1.  Would anyone know how to get that little App back?

 #2.....When home you close the restroom door?
Have a Great Day!


djpr said...

No idea on the first question, as for the second? I try, but with eight or more cats in the house at any one time, they insist on clawing it down to see what I'm doing. Sigh. So no, it winds up open with at least four cats sitting there watching me pee.

I can't believe I just made that public lol

<3 Donna

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday to you Ms. Linda!

1. Is your spellchecker specific to blogspot? If so, check HELP. If not, I don't know. My spellchecker is within wordpress. Good luck with that one.

2. No

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Grigore Roman said...

#1- Check the template for some errors, and you can SAVE a copy of your template, to avoid this trouble for future....
#2- Always :)

Linda said...

My cat does the same thing...She can be hidden all day, but when I go into the restroom and shut the door, she starts with the clawing.

@Terri..I do have one for my blogger posts...I want the Spellchecker that use to be up on my Google tool bar.

@Grigore...Thanks..umm, not sure how... But Thanks