Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

This is the time of year that I hate...I call it..The gloom and doom of winter..or just Bluh!
It rained yesterday, and melted some of the snow.  The temperature dropped back down, and now we have ice on top of the slush. (makes for fun driving..not!)

So, the days just drag on...I keep looking out the windows to see if there is any kind of change...a little ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds..   Nope..nothing..not today anyways!

Come on Spring...I am so ready for you to brighten my days with your fresh scents, and warm breeze.

Hugs.. =0)


Jeff said...

Yes...but think about all the Fall babies that would not have been concieved if there was no winter :-)

EmptyNester said...

I guess there is a down side to winter. We have such short ones here that I don't think of that. It's the summers that give me the blahs. said...

We seem to have one continuous season here - and it's usually grey and windy! Don't worry the little flowers will soon make an appearance and Spring will arrive. At least you can sit about in the warm with a good book and legitimately drink cocoa all afternoon on a cold day :)

tsonodablog said...

I remember Ohio winters...and that looooong wait for spring. Hang in there friend!


Diplo_Daddy said...

I'm not a lover of winter either, much like yourself. Although we do have a little sunshine here in London, England today.