Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Adventures

I hit the "New Post" button wanting to come in and post something cool today since I haven't really posted much lately.  Not much happening around my neck of the woods.

A New Adventure..
I've been trying my hand at writing short stories...Wow, I just never realized how difficult this can be.
With many stories going on in my head, one would think I could just write them down..Not happening!
Writing should be easy right?  and it is for some people.  I have a friend (Terri) that can whip out a story in no time, and I hate her! (jk)  Terri has been a wonderful help with editing my story. Giving awesome tips, and giving me that little push that I need.   My Mom also is excited about my need to write. She said she has books on writing, and when she gets back from their winter home she will dig out all the books she has. Back then, she had to send off for a writing course. Then send her story in..and wait for the return mail to see her results.   Now, of course we have the Internet.  Sweet!

So now, I'm looking into an online beginners course.  A refresher course in Grammar probably wouldn't hurt, and Thank God for spell checker!
This new adventure of mine might not even go anywhere, but I'm definitely having fun. And it's great exercise for the brain.

Tips on writing welcomed!
(Big Hugs to Mom, and Terri..You are both a big inspiration to me)

   Have a Great Day!


Beth said...

Have fun writing! I have been told by my published friends that the best education for a writer is reading everything you can lay your hands on (not just educational stuff, ya know, but all manner of books). In that way, you hone a sense of pacing, what works, dialogue, etc.

Totally Ovar It said...

I hit new post a lot expecting to find inspiration. I tend to write multiple posts in spurts. I also just bought 3 new writing books, hoping for inspiration. Btw, I found you via Terri. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and the new writing adventures that are ahead for you. I look forward to reading them, as well. I completely understand having the "writing bug" and I think that's exactly what you have. Don't worry, it's not lethal. But it is hard to get rid of.
Terri said...

You have my wholehearted support in this venture. I started writing more earnestly the middle of last year and sent some of the stories off to competitions. Have a go! As for my mother, well like yours she was rather excited I had written something and when I won a prize I sent her a copy of the story - she replied saying it was a 'bit lame!' GOod thing she wasn't one of the judges :)
Thank you for commenting on my post again yesterday. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. I think blogging helps with writing skills too...some days I have nothing to say but when I start typing it flows.
Very good luck. Let me know if you want any addresses for competitions. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Getting those squirrely thoughts from your brain onto the computer screen can be as elusive as a moose. The trick I found is to just sit at the keyboard typing whatever comes to mind and then later rearranging my thoughts. Good luck with the writing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Linda said...

Thanks Cathy..squirrely thoughts indeed! lol