Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Many days I come in here wanting to write something cool.  Many days I come in here and just look at my blog waiting for that something cool to pop into my head.
Today is one of those days that I have nothing much to say.   No kids at home to write how I packed their lunch, and sent them off to school.  No animals to take cute pictures of.

I could write that we got more snow the last few days, after about 4 days of sunshine (tease).
But how exciting is that?
I could write how I need to finish the short story I started...it's a short story Linda, for crying out loud!  Or how I often talk to myself!

Ooh...I could write about how I need to find a nice dress for a July wedding in Fla. (hottest time of the year down there)  I guess the Bride-to-be wants the Mothers to wear pastel.  And, since I'm the "Stepmom"  I want to look GOOD!    (just sayin!)  LOL

I could write about how I look out the window and see the neighbor across the street still has not put their trash can away...Trash day is Friday.  Come on people..your cans are blowing all over the neighborhood. (drives me nuts)

So, since I have Nothing to write about I guess I'll go surf other blogs to see what everyone else is writing about.

Have a Great Day!


Sistergirl said...

Its funny because as a blogger I feel like that sometimes. I never know what to write sometimes my blog is in reference to conversation I had with others.

Sometimes its about what I am doing. I just don't think about it any more I just write and hope I am improving my skills so I can finish writing my book. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you wrote. And it was pretty entertaining. Love your blog!

Kelly L said...

Funny - it seems to me you had a lot on your mind... you also reminded me I still have my trash cans out from yesterday...

Love to you
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Nancy said...

Chuckle, chuckle, sob!! Linda, you crack me up!!