Friday, March 18, 2011


I love spring time...I crave the days when I can open the windows and breath some fresh air.
Taking my morning tea out to the patio to just sit and listen.  Listen to the birds waking up. Watching the sun rise.  Oh, it's just my favorite time of the day!

I know that I have not blogged for awhile, but I have to blame it all on the spring weather that keeps pulling me outside to enjoy it.
I have been stuck in this house far too long, and I start getting Antsy.

So, take a little time to go out and play!  Because thats where you'll find me.

Hugs to all


Anonymous said...

Missed your posts, but definitely can't blame you for enjoying spring!
Hugs, my friend.

Nancy said...

Spring? I'll join you when it arrives here, okay? Its a bit chilly here at the beach but its not raining this morning, knock on wood. Cheers!

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