Thursday, April 14, 2011

The games we play

I posted earlier about my chalkboard projects. My last project was the pantry picture for that one yet.
I wanted to share with you what the hubs and I have been doing with my chalkboard breadbox..
playing Hangman.
Since we are on different shifts, and leave notes daily, I thought I'd change it up, and play Hangman.
I started the game which he lost the first one, but when it was his turn to come up with a word he just had to be creative with the Hangman..err.. woman.
As you can see I am not getting very far with his word....

Does this hanging Woman have Boobs? and hair?  Very typical of my boob-lovin hubby.
I can't wait for my turn..I'm going to be just as creative with the hanging man...maybe He'll be hanging by his .... lol! 
We have to make life fun!

Hugs,  ♥Linda♥


Anonymous said...

That's such a cute game you two lovebirds play. Love the crafts too!

(Come see me. My blog misses you.)