Sunday, June 12, 2011


Surprise...Yes, I's been ages since I've been in here.  We've been busy around the house, and working a lot of weekends (which sucks big time).  NO...I do not like working weekends on 2nd shift!
I've been making rag rugs, and plan on making a few for gifts.
I was so pleased with how my first one turned out..
I found all the material at Goodwill.
Mostly pillow cases..Love the colors!

The next picture is my OSU rug, using all Ohio State Buckeye T-shirts.
This one is still a work in progress...need more t shirts.
Scarlet and Grey.

We have a new Grand-puppy

Hugs to all...♥Linda


donna baker said...

Great rugs. Can't wait to see them as you keep braiding.

Nancy said...

Please let me know how you did these rugs! I have been gathering up pieces of fabric and dresses at the Goodwill. I haven't been blogging as much but I think I'm back now, LOL! So much has been going on and I've been ill - glad to be back now. Huggies...

Linda said...

Thanks Ladies...
Nancy...I just Googled Crochet rag rugs..
So easy..let me know if you have any trouble!

Suzy said...

Neat! My grandmother used to make the braided rag rugs...wish she was here to teach me how.