Monday, September 8, 2008

Having a Good Day!

So far it has started off Great!
Hubby and I decided that we can't go to the East coast because of the Hurricanes, so we're hanging around, and doing things close to home...(save gas money also)

Today we did a little shopping at the Mall. Steve and Barry's are going out of Business, and everything was $8.98 And, I mean everything! Hubby got some T -shirts, and I got an Buckeye Hoody!

We stopped at Wal Marts in one of the towns we go through, and finally found the Wii Fit!
I'm so excited! We've been looking for a long time...WooHoo

Then....I did something that I haven't done in years....I went to the Beauty Shop, and got my hair cut! I usually cut it myself, but I can't get the back as well, so I just treated myself by letting someone else do it.
Nancy, your right about having someone else do it....Relaxing! Awwwwww

Anyways....I'm a happy Gal!
Plans for the week of Vacation? Canoeing, hiking. Frisbee Golf...relaxing on the patio...and, anything we want...cause We're on Vacation......(High five hubby!)

Hugs, Linda


Nancy said...

I'm glad your day went so well! Sounds like you have a fun week planned for you and hubby! Have a great one! And that's pretty cool that you went to the beauty shop, too! My perm is so ... hmmm ... tight, I have a hard time getting the pick through it!!

Linda said...

Thanks's just what I've been needing (vac.)

China Pattern said...

Some of our best vacations have been stay at home vacations. My son cuts his own hair with the clippers but I am afraid to cut my own. It is fun to let someone cut your hair sometimes. I do feel pampered.

Linda said...

Hello China...
We are enjoying our home vacation!