Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wow! Over Weight!

Yes, that is just what the Wii fit said! Darn-it!
But, I knew....I don't even have to get on the scales to know that I've put on a little weight!

After turning the big... 4-0 things just started to change with my body..I guess every Woman goes through that.
It's just not fair, that when you get older, you have to work HARDER!

So, harder I work....Jazzercise, and the Wii Fit, Frisbee Golf, walking...etc... Just as soon as my Vacation is over!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Oh my what a sweet blog you have. I heart everything about it. I love the little sayings they are so good and true. I wll if I may be back. I am so glad I ran across you. Have a beautiful weekend..m..

Linda said...


Thanks for stopping by, and your welcome here anytime!
I love meeting, and making new friends!

China Pattern said...

The Wii thing sounds like fun. I might get one for my husband (and me by association) for Christmas! He likes gadgets. I understand about weight and I have gone through a lot to get mine under control. I think excercise is the hardest part of the equation. Maybe fun is the key element! However, the feedback from the game system is a little bit like those GPS navigations systems that have software that, in an attempt to be funny, rudely insults you for taking the wrong turn.

Linda said...

Hiya China....
We love our Wii Fit. We got the original Wii last year for our Christmas...We like having our friends over to bowl! We play more in the winter months.
We saw the WiiFit in the spring, and hubby and my Son was going to buy it for my Birthday last May....Well, it took us this long to finally find one. We've all been working out with it. Fun!

Kate said...

I go to a women's gym called Curves. It's really good fun (and believe me, I never ever thought I would type a sentence containing the words 'gym' and 'fun'). I started going beause, although my weight was OK, my blood pressure was way up and I felt it was probably because I wasn't getting any exercise. Anyway, if there's a Curves near you, you might like to go and take a look. You'll get a really warm welcome, and the workouts are not at all daunting.
Best wishes

Linda said...

Hello Kate,
There is a Curves close by.. My Mother use to be a member..I went a few times as her guest. I liked it. But I really like my Jazzercise. It's more of an Aerobic/Dance kind of workout that I love!
I have just been lazy this summer...Now, with this being the last day of my vacation I will get off my butt and get busy!
Take Care