Monday, June 15, 2009

Hanging Garden

Create a living wreath with groupings of live plantings placed in a bed of soil and moss that's molded around a concave wreath form. When selecting plants for a living wreath, pick ones that do well in the shade. Because they hold their shapes, plants that thrive in pots work particularly well.

Annuals provide quick summer color, but you can use perennials or a mix of both. You might also experiment with draping plants, vines, or ground covers.

In choosing colors, consider your preferences and the color of the surface the wreath will hang on. Use texture from foliage to play up the colors.

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Renie Burghardt said...

How beautiful, linda! Is the one in the picture one that you made for yourself? I have hanging baskets, which were gifts. I'll check out the instructions.

Have a great week!



Linda said...

Hello Renie...
No, the picture is not one that I is on my "To do" list though...I just think this a Great project I'd like to do.