Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aging..Fighting it all the way!

I was thinking...I do that a lot..I mean like Day dreaming...Zone out..in my own little world.
I also talk to myself...and, I even answer myself.
I get mad at myself, but most of all I Laugh at myself...a lot!
and why not?  Life is too short!

So, that brings me back to what I was thinking about....Hubby and I was driving home from shopping, and was jamming to the radio...yes, we like our music loud and hard...Hubby was a rocker...will always be a rocker at heart.  He still plays on his guitars everyday.
We also (on our drive home) got to laughing at something one of us said...laughing so hard your sides hurt...
We always have fun together...  being goofy in the stores...etc..
We like to take country drives..listening to music, and looking at the country side.
We like to have parties...hike, canoe, bike....Dance!
Life doesn't have to stop when you age...we might be a little more restricted in what we can do, but it shouldn't stop us from enjoying life, and all we can get out of it!
Sure...I'm getting older, but I'm fighting it all the way!

So, we finally made it home...got a few gifts bought, now I'm ready for a nap.  lol


Anonymous said...

Rock on !!!!!! Nothing like having Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of the Moon" trying to pop the car windows out :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, my first thought was ROCK ON...but I see someone else said that. But what the hell. ROCK ON, sister. So nice to hear you and hubby enjoy each other so much and find cool ways to stay young. So romantic, too! Happy for you, Chica!


Linda said...

You know it!

LBDDiaries said...

This was a great post! I am way older than you and Alpha Hubby and I are starting new adventures all the time. We have no intention of retiring or sitting in rockers. We have too many good - great - years inside us yet (plus we're taking excellent care of ourselves so we can keep having fun). I really did enjoy this post. You are so Bad to the Bone, you must be a Wild Thing!