Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Tradition

Every Sunday the guys (Gary & Donny) come over for coffee, and Golf..(Tiger Woods golf on the Wii that is...) They sit around chatting about football, Nascar and work.
These guys have worked, and played together for years!
We joke that they are "joined at the hip".
Now, my son has joined in on the activities.



Bo  (Son)

When my hubby and I first got together, I thought..Geez, why do they have to come over so early?  I also work with these guys, and didn't want them all seeing me at my morning worst!  I would get up a little early to at least look presentable.
That lasted about a month... lol

It's nice to have a group of friends that are just like family....
We plan a lot of events with our friends in mind..
I even bring my friend (Vicki - wife to Gary) to my real family events when the hubby is doing something else.   Shhh... Don't tell hubby, but sometimes I have more fun with Vic, than with hubby...He's always ready to go after an hour.

Over all...we have friends and Family in and out of our home all the time.
And, we Love it!

Have a Great Day!


Anonymous said...

Nothing beats good friends, that's for sure! Especially the ones you don't have to dress up for.
Hey I tried that Tiger Woods golf for the wii when my son came to visit. It really was a lot of fun!

Glad you're enjoying your Sunday.


Paula said...

What a nice Sunday morning. I guess if you don't feel up to hanging out, you can take your coffee to your room (sometimes I love having an excuse to close myself up in my room)