Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming out of the Closet...

Yes...Me!  I am coming out of the closet!   I am a Smoker!
  I call myself a "Closet Smoker" because it is a dirty, nasty habit I have, and try to hide it from people.  
 It is one habit that I'm having a hard time breaking.. 
It is a habit that is controlling my life, and that alone pisses me off!

I know it's a sad excuse, but I'm afraid of the weight I will gain when I quit.
That is one of the reasons I am really working now on life/health changes for the new year.
I know I will gain some weight, that is why I want to be one step ahead of it by eating healthier, and exercising more now!

My goal is to Quit (Cold Turkey) by the first of the year..(God help my family and

I will keep track of my progress on my stay tuned!

(Tips on quitting appreciated!)


Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, I almost had a heart attack when I saw the title. ROFLMFAO.
Best of luck on quitting smoking. I can't even imagine trying to quit. I have an addictive personality but don't smoke. Food is my drug.....well there are one or 2 other things, but I won't go there.
My Dad quit smoking for 2 years and we were all so proud...then that old rascal took up smoking again, like he'd never stopped. Not trying to dissuade you and your efforts though. I'm thinking you are a strong, strong lady who will meet and exceed your goals!
(just don't be a bitch to your bloggy buddy, k? I can't take it. I'll cry like baby, swear)

Merri Ann said...

I have a similar goal for the new year (though it's not smoking). I think your comment ..."It is a habit that is controlling my life, and that alone pisses me off!" should be posted everywhere in your house as a reminder.

I think I will post that comment around my house to help me with my goal.

Good Luck ... and keep us posted. I'm cheering for you take back control :))

LBDDiaries said...

I smoked 26 years, several in the closet (smile) - I learned that quitting only works when you truly want to (digging thru the trash for the ones you tossed out anyone?). I had a friend who was quitting who shared her Nicorette gum with me. I chewed half a one (they were strong) any time I wanted to smoke. It helped tremendously. then I just had to get past the automatic behavior - the ingrained. You know, like standing in a checkout line and automatically reaching for a pack to buy - then realizing, "Hey, I don't smoke anymore, why am I doing that?" I also stayed AWAY from smoker friends until I trusted myself around them. Now you couldn't force me to smoke one - it's been 13 years.

Anonymous said...

I smoked for 36 years..then decided to quit in 2006...I went the Chantix route with no issues and have been smoke free ever since.I really like getting that nice insurance rebate my company gives non-smokers.

Go for it !!! Your out look on life does change ...for the better

Linda said...

@Terri....LMAO I thought you'd like that title.
I do call myself a closet smoker because it's disgusting, and I like it. UGH! lol
And I Pinky swear that I won't be a Bitchy Bloggy Buddy!

@Marri Ann...Thank you for your advice..That is a GREAT idea!

@LBD...Thanks for your advice also...I keep telling myself that after the new year I am no longer a smoker. Positive thoughts!

@Jeff...Thanks, I really hope my out look on life does change..and making changes for the better.
I'm thinking about starting to run again. I use to Love it..before I started smoking!

Hugs to you all...

Grace said...

Hi! I noticed that you started following my blog thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so happy to hear that you've decided to quit smoking. It's so unhealthy for you so I'm really proud for the decision you've taken. Now you just have to follow through with it- I don't know you but I really believe you can do it! It may be hard but not impossible.

Smoking has effected me, and I hate it so much.
I have a friend who smoked regularly (I can't say that she was a hard core smoker because she wasn't addicted to it or anything). But unfortunately a year ago she got diagnosed with lung cancer. It's been a tough year for her as well as for her family. Just yesterday she went into hospice care because there's no more the doctors can do. If only she could have foreseen she was going to get cancer from it, she would have never even touched it- or would have stopped sooner. She used to say, "well it'll never happen to me." but it did. I just wanted to share that so you have something to think about. Not only does this effect YOU but those that love you. I'm really going to miss my friend. It's so hard knowing that you're going to lose someone close to you and that you love so much because of an unhealthy habit.

I think that maybe gaining weight and the benefits of quitting outweighs the costs (like cancer) of smoking.

Have a great day and good luck to you! I know you can quit! :)

djpr said...

Too cute! I was a closet smoker for years and years, but I've been out of the closet for a while. I've tried to quit a couple of times and eh, I guess I just don't want to that badly because I've never done it. Sheesh I hope you're buddies does destroy me for this, but umm, I like it.

I started taking Ritalin and Adderall for Narcolepsy and that didn't help either. I would get so wired if I wasn't doing something I would have lost my mind! Not to mention the fact that every time I tried to eat I ended up throwing up. Don't take those anymore, but it's just a comfortable habit I suppose.

I'm all about being supportive though, so I'll be rooting for you all the way!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog, and I can say the same, I clicked over and I think I've read the first fifteen posts already! I love love love the writing, the little owl makes me squee and we are so on the same page about aging!

Oh and don't try Tootsie Pops to help quit...ahem...not a good idea.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better, we've got so much in common and I can tell you're going to be one of my new besties!

<3 Donna

Candace said...


Somehow I missed your stopping by my blog to visit. I am so sorry! I have just discovered your blog and I'm not following along on your journey. I know first hand where you are at with smoking. I smoked for a looooong time and gave it up cold turkey in 1999. I didn't want to be a smoker but was too scared to quit. With a lot of prayer every time the craving hit, I was able to get through it without mood swings or too much distress. Bless you as go through this process! I wish you all the best. I look forward to getting to know you as I follow your blog.