Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun interviews

Today I'd like to interview my favorite Guy...
Since he just turned..55, I thought it would be fun to ask some questions.

Me: Are you happy with how your life has turned out so far?
Hubby: Yeah, whats not to like?  I have good friends, and my family is happy.

Me: When you were a young guy..what did you want to be when you got older?
Hubby:  A Rocker

Me: And how did that pan out for you?
Hubby: Not quite the rocker I had hoped to be.
Me: Why is that?
Hubby: Other things happened that were more important!
Me: Like?
Hubby:  Being a musician can be a curse. It takes a lot of time and dedication.
Me: Do you miss doing gigs?
Hubby: I liked the jamming part, but I didn't like the set up, and tearing down after.

Me: If you could turn back time..what would you change?
Hubby: I would like to have a better relationship with my oldest son

Me: Do you feel 55?
Hubby: My body doesn't feel 55

Me: And who makes you the happiest man alive?
Hubby: My Family

Me: And who's the most wonderful Woman in your life?
Hubby: Nessie (his nic for me)
Me: Damn straight!

Me: Do you have a bucket list?
Hubby: no!  I've done a lot of stuff in my life.
Me: Is there something you would just LOVE to do?
Hubby: Wish I was rich, so I could do great thing for family and friends!

Thank you Honey for sharing some of "You" on my blog!

This is Linda Heath reporting for "Life is an Adventure"


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the interview! You and hubby seem so happy. It's a good thing to have a relationship like that. I'm so happy for you.

You changed your blog look yet again. Not that is matters, but I liked the one just before this one best. This one is nice, too, but that one rocked. JMO, though.

Julie said...

Hi Linday. I just spent the last little bit reading a bit about you and your life. I love that you and hubby do so much together and love so much. It is refreshing to read and see. Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you have a great and blessed week. Take care.

djpr said...

This is awesome! I'm so going to make the hubby do this too and shamefully steal your idea and run with it!

-steals and runs-

<3 Donna

Anonymous said...

Life really get a jump start after 50 :-) and keeps reving up....wait till you hit 57 :-) haha

Launi said...

What a good idea to interview your man--he sounds so sweet. Your blog is beautiful too--by the way. Thanks so much for visiting Gracious Rain. Lovely to have you!