Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was just thinking about my blog..After reading my friend Terri's blog, and her subject..I'm a little put off.... I decided to put my thoughts down.  

I started my blog for my family a long time ago..tried to convince family members to get their own blog as a way to stay in touch..never happened!

So I blogged for my own entertainment. Had a few followers, but now I have many.

I have read a lot of wonderful, interesting blogs, and made some really good friends.   Many of my blog friends have a Great talent for writing! (Terri)
But, I too have been a little "Put-Off".  Mostly because I feel inadequate about my writing skills...or lack of!
I sometimes cringe at the thought of someone reading my posts...I feel like I will be graded, or laughed at...just a little insecure I guess.
I don't like feeling this way in my own blog...and I refuse to feel like that...So, if you come here expecting a "Well Written" story...forget it!
I am not a SAHM

•All children are grown and gone
•I work in a dirty factory... 4 pm - midnight
•Been married a couple of times
•My husband has the sex drive of a 20 yr. old
•I only see my hubby on the that sex drive comes in handy!
•I have a big caring heart
•I think I might be pre-menopausal
•I make crafts to give as gifts not to sell..(I have been thinking about changing that though)
•I like to stay healthy, but lately I've been eating like crap.
•I hate winter
•Hubby and I work at the same factory.

Nothing fancy, but it's my life, and I like it! 
Is all that written very well?  I really don't care!  My crappy writing!
I feel better now
(Thanks Terri..and big hugs)


Anonymous said...

Your BEST blog posting todate, as far as I'm concerned. Writing from the heart works every time, my friend! Proud to be your faithful follower.....


Anonymous said...

A personal blog is not to please others but to please yourself !!!! Never write a post thinking about this follower and that follower...just think about the person sitting at the keyboard

Linda said...

Shit...and here I was coming in to delete this post before anyone read it...lost a lot of sleep over it.
Thank you so much Terri and Jeff...your comments and advice mean a lot.

Hugs to you both

Hilary said...

I think this post was amazing!

Linda said...

Thanks Hilary..I needed that!


Nancy said...

I hadn't logged on since I was sickly so just read this post now!! Linda, I love to read your blog and what comes from your heart so keep it up girl!!!