Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stressful Shoppers!

We went shopping last weekend....Got most of it done! (Thank God!)
But shopping with the hubby can be...well...stressful to say the least.
My hubby likes to know what we're going for...What gift's are we buying?

    We were shopping for our daughter-in-law, and to be honest We just don't know her very well...not for lack of trying...she just seems to be unreadable..distant..actually I don't think she likes us very well...(that's a different post)
So, we were walking around the store...and hubby wants to get the gift and GET OUT of the store.

Hubby: so, what are we getting her?
Me: not sure
Hubby: not sure?  I thought you knew what you wanted to get her.
Me: I told you I don't know her or her taste..
Hubby: so why are we just walking around?
Me:  We are looking for something..anything..
Hubby: like what?
Me:  I don't know....something she might like
Hubby: but we don't know what she likes
Me: She took a picture of our bathroom..I think she likes that decor.
Hubby: %&^$..*&^*
Me: back at ya buddy!

We did end up finding a few things for her..don't know if she'll like them..I did though..lol
Like I said..the hubby thinks you should know what you want when you enter a store..go in, grab it, and go!
That's not always the case, sometimes you just have to look around until something pops out at you...that's fun to me..not so for the hubby!

Stiff drinks were had by both of us when we got home...all was better!


Anonymous said...

I'm with hubby on this one.....unless it's purse shopping or the book store, and then I'm gonna look.
Stiff drink sounds good. What's a stiff drink, anyways?


Linda said...

A shot of Jack...or a rum and coke!

Brenda Susan said...

Yep, my Hubs is also a "HUNTER" rather than a shopper. Set your target, go in, buy it, go home!

I like the looking phase but not when it's down to the last minute!