Saturday, January 29, 2011

Having ~Withdraw~

The past few days I've been "Jonesing" for a little furry Love.
It's only been like two weeks since my little Muffy passed, and I feel like I'm betraying her..I know it's silly, but..just sayin.
Still, my fingers are just itching to scratch these lil ears..


Or cuddle with this little guy..

Yep...I've been thinking about getting another pet..(just thinking about it honey!..Don't have a cow..yet!)
But, trying to decide on a Cat or Dog...  Many pros and con's on them both, but I personally have never had a bad or cat.

I try and explain it to the hubby as to why I need a pet in my life....well, there are so many reasons, but off the top of my head I would say "Nurture"..Nurturing...I feel the need sometimes to nurture something..( I know honey, your always available, but it's not the same...No offence!  oxox)
Some little furry creature, that needs you to look after..that gives kisses freely..(Not saying that you don't honey!)
Someone to keep us company when the other is at work.  (work it Linda)
Someone to cuddle down with you in your favorite chair.  ;)
An incentive to get out and walk...(oh yeah)

You might of guessed that this post has turned into a plea to my hubby because I know he will read it.  
Honey...I'm ready!  and, I'm ready to get a pet too!  lol

I'm sure I have many friends that will agree with me on this..(on why we need a pet)..right guys? (wink)
I will try and hold off for a couple more months like we talked about, but it'll be hard..I can do it..
I'm fighting off these urges ....

Okay...all this "Sucking up" is wearing me out... LOL
   Have a Great Weekend my Friends..


Theresa said...

I agree! Get the pet. The little orange tabby was adorable!

Linda said...

I cute!