Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Sunday's

Just another Sunday.....Sometimes it seems like the days just drag together...The drab days of winter.  (is drab even a word?)
I really don't care to do much in the winter least not outside.  I hate the cold.. My body hates the cold..but I think that's an age thing huh? I really don't know too many older people that still like to play in the snow.
I love to ski, and snowmobile, and will do it if only the sun is out and the temp. is up to 30-ish.

Every year the hubs and I say we need to get out and build a snowman like we use to (when the boys were little)..or a really cool snow fort..we always make plans, but it just never gets done anymore. 

We do try and do activities throughout the meeting in the bedroom for quickie.  A game of cards...dancing around to the radio...
Lovce Lazy Sundays



tsonodablog said...

I love this 'strikethru comments'. Those are always interesting. LOLOL
At least you have SOMETHING to do, lady. I'm just twiddling my thumbs around here.