Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Married..again

Hello my blog friends...another weekend gone by way too fast!

So, who's getting married you ask? Well, my stepson and his wife.
They had a nice small ceremony this past July.  They are both in the Military, and stationed at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Oh.   (which is an hours drive for us)
At the moment stepson is in Qatar until May (maybe).

D-I-L wants to have a "Fairytale" wedding which will take place in Fla.
So, I guess we'll be heading to Fla. this July.

One question...if people get re-married / 2nd wedding / repeat their vows... are we expected to gift again?  (Since this is our son we will probably give them another gift).
 But if it was a friend???...just wondering what would be the "proper" thing to do in this case.

Even though we will probably bring gifts to our Son and his wife...the trip / Hotel..etc.. is going to cost quite a bit.  Shouldn't the fact that we came all that way be enough of a gift?  Just sayin!  lol
(now I'm being a smart a$$)

Have a Great Day!


Anonymous said...

Good question..I'm a guy so such questions are way beyond my knowledge :-) ...but, I have gotten re-married every 10 years...not for the gifts but for the honeymoon experience ...haha

Beth said...

In my experience, yes, the gifting happens every time. However, I don't know anyone who bought as expensive or amazing gifts for the second or third wedding as they did for the first. :)
Have fun at the wedding!

Brenda Susan said...

Hey if it meant getting more gifts I would have been re-marrying all the 32 years of our marriage! Your presence is enough of a present I think.

Anonymous said...

I don't know proper protocol, but I would gift every time. I would worry that if I didn't, it would shed a negative light on their happy celebration. I worry a lot.