Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sex after 40

Is Great!  Yep, I can say that we..(Hubs and I) have a good sex life.
And this is how we do it...
  • We don't see each other until the weekends.
  • Love notes
When the boys were little we went on different shifts.  Which meant saving money on sitters, and we felt better knowing one of us was home for the boys.

"Love notes" 
 Since we only seen each other in passing during the week, (we work at the same factory..He's leaving work when I'm coming in) we started leaving notes on what was going on at home..what the boys were doing..phone messages...etc..

Now many years later..the boys are grown..we are still on different shifts. ( we just kind of like it this way)  We still leave notes everyday, but mostly to say Hello, and talk about our day.
We have gone through many notebooks during our time together.

It all starts when I get home on Friday evenings...Hubby usually has something ready for me to eat..(food) get you mind out of the gutter. (Terri) lol
He makes the best BLT's!  And he has a drink ready for me too..(drink of choice lately is Rum & Pepsi.)
So..the sex is great because now we have time to really explore each others needs..with no children around we can make all the noise we want..we can "Play" anywhere in the house besides the bedroom.  
Sex is just better these days in every way...oh sure, the hubs would love MORE..Typical Man!

Sometimes I'm ready for Monday just to recover from the weekend.  The Man has the sex drive of a 30 year old....
I'm a lucky gal!

Stay tuned for more on.. Sex After 40


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't so crazy about you, I would hate you. SEX SEX SEX. Geez Louize. Just go on ahead, whatever.
(Yea, I'm jealous) I'll bet you two give new meaning to the phrase, "Is it Friday yet????"
And for the record, my mind is perfectly content living in the Gutter, thank you very much. A lot of weird stuff goes on down here.

Anonymous said...

Linda, that is how you do it! Good for you! Oh, maybe I should say good for him.:)

Anonymous said...

TMI TMI... can't hear you. Puts hands over ears and sings *LA LA LA LA L A*.

Um, I'm glad you two are happy.



Grigore Roman said...

Hope my wife in 20 years will say the same :)
Anyway, Thanks for sharing with us your life experience...

Deborah said...

Hi Linda! Thank you for visiting me again♥ Good news is I saved the dummy! YAY! It was a lot of work though; I had no idea. **blows kisses** Deb

Crevan Ferrigno said...

As they always put it, absence makes the heart go fonder. It's really wonderful that the fire keeps on burning for you! You've been having an awesome journey as you enjoy more quality time with each other. Indeed, sex after 40 is awesome if the couple really want it to. And for those who are still trying to achieve what you have, they can do things like lower stresses, more emotional connection, etc. A visit to the doctor should be helpful as well. Kudos!