Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enough Already!

Have you ever just thrown your hands up in defeat?  Have you had about all you can handle?
That's how I've been feeling lately with this winter...cold crap!
(screams) Enough Already! No, I'm not pulling my hair out ..yet, but I've had about all I can handle for this year!
I can't even get inspired to write a good post, because I'm overwhelmed with coldness. lol
The coldness makes me all droopy/sleepy...and I hang out in my jammies until I have to get ready for work in the afternoon.
Lazy...This word should be in here also, because it also makes me Lazy!
Droopy, sleepy and Lazy = Winter

Going to go crawl back in bed..(I wish!)
Have a Great Day my Blog Friends!


Anonymous said...

I so sorry, my winter-numbed friend. I wish I could melt all that snow and ice for you and make you smile! LOVE the cartoon!

Nancy said...

I feel for you, girlfriend! Also love the cartoon!!

Kelly L said...

I cannot imagine the cold that your part of the country is experiencing. Stay safe..

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Kristin said...

Well, yes it is gloomy-winteryish weather, but sending you some warm soul shine still to make you smile great. Funny thing about winter is that eventually it has to leave to welcome the pretty flowers...and I wait...tap...tap..tap...come on spring!