Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Earl Grey Day (Ponderings)

Why is it that this time of the year I feel the need to be crocheting, sewing or crafting. Like I should be preparing for the winter. Stocking the wood pile. Darn the socks.. haha
It's almost like "Nesting" but I'm clearly not pregnant!
Maybe it's the season. That little nip in the air. That time when we bring the crops in.  (One's heart never leaves the farm)
One of my Favorite seasons! Love the smell of Autumn/fall. Love Pumpkins, corn stocks, Mums and Apples...
and...Layers! Oh yes, layers of cute cozy clothes
Now I feel the need to shop for Layers.
Have a Good Autumn!
~::~ Linda ~::~


Michelle said...

I feel it too. Time to prepare for those cold, winter months!

donna baker said...

Since it was 96 here today, I can't even contemplate layering yet.