Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a few things...

Ha..not in my neck of the woods. The temperature has risen over 30*, but it's been so Bluh.
Ohio weather is so day the sun is out, the next day we're having sleet.
I envy people that can just quit their jobs and relocate.  I only wish I had the balls (so to speak).

I work with MORONS!  I really do!   This guy I work with is driving me crazy...I don't like to be mean to people, but I would rather this guy not even talk to me.   I use to kinda like my job!

We are finally getting a long weekend "Good Friday".  We've been working a lot of weekend's, and me being on 2nd shift, working Saturday night really sucks!  Makes me cranky!
And when mama's cranky.....Well, you know the rest!

We have plans to buy a new fence to go around the patio..We are thinking about a higher fence for privacy, plus the fence we have is so old and getting brittle.
I told hubby that when we buy the boards we can spend a nice sunny day painting them before we put them up..if we can get a nice sunny day!
I need to buy more twinkle lights...Just Love little white lights all around the patio at night.

Hubby and I both had our "Fittings" for the July wedding.  Hubby had to go to the Men's Warehouse, and I had to go to Davids Bridal.   I did get a smaller size, but plan on losing more of me before July. So I guess I better take a needle and thread with me in case I need to do some altering.

*OMG Moment
I was letting the "outside" cat (we call him the Outside cat because he only comes in to nap, but spends most of his time outdoors) in the other day, and saw that he had something in his mouth when he shot by me.
It was a bird..a live bird that started flying around in the house with the cat hot on his tail.
Thank God the bird flew to the door where I was still standing. I opened the door... bird and cat both went out.  I think the cat was pissed at me because his prize got away, and he had to stay outside the rest of the day!

Have a Great Day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're going to be looking good for that wedding, my friend! Way to go!
My Dad's cat brought me a mouse up on the porch one time when I was visiting in Georgia. 'Bout scared the crap outta me, but Dad said she only did it cause she liked me. awesome.

Momma's Soapbox said...

I planned on losing weight for my son's wedding but that ship has sailed. Wedding is Saturday and my butt is the same size..... Poo!

Oh by the way, this morning I opened the door to a dead rat, a little tore up.... Thanks to my outside cat! ;) Gotta love them.

Congrats on your wedding! 1 month! yay!