About Me

I'm mostly a quiet/ reserve person who doesn't reveal much about personal things...so, I thought I'd start a page about the things I like..things I do...etc...

~The List~

  • I am not a stay at home Mom
  • All children are grown and gone
  • I work in a dirty factory.
  • Been married a couple of times
  • My husband has the sex drive of a 20 yr. old
  • I have 1 Grandchild
  •  I have alot of faith.
  • I think I might be pre-menopausal
  •  A tree hugger
  • I make crafts to give as gifts not to sell..(I have been thinking about changing that though)
  • I like to stay healthy, but lately I've been eating like crap
  • I'm rather  quirky
  • I hate winter
  • Love to read
  • A big Day Dreamer
to be cont.